I’m interested in ‘The Human Condition’ and how we can use tools to help clear up head space and allow us to be as creative as we can be. This blog is a way for me to experiment with the process of creating and to practice writing in public.

I used to have an image in the header that is a symbol for ‘Anahata‘, or the heart chakra. It symbolises love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. I’ve also used a ‘Memento Mori’ – literally ‘remember death’, painting. Memento mori is a reminder to make the most of this one life that we have. I took the current image when I stayed in Dunkeld and is of the southern part of the Grampians.

My original title image is taken from Wikimedia. It is by the artist Philippe de Champaigne and was painted around 1671. Memento mori was a common theme, possibly used by the church to frighten people into behaving. The symbolism of the flower, the skull and the hourglass are all reminders that everything changes with time.

This site runs on WordPress. I’ve had a custom theme developed, based on a brilliantly simple, clean design by Scott H Smith called Decode. The theme is mobile oriented – if you’re viewing this site on your desktop computer, try it on your phone.


  • October 2015 I’ve commissioned a new theme, based on the Decode theme (I’m using a child theme to decode).
  • August 2015 Status Update August 2015
  • July 2015 This ‘About’ page was updated to reflect the new icon after feedback that the old one was too morbid!

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