My Inboxes

I wrote an overview about my different inboxes that I use. I differentiate between various inbox types in that I have primary and secondary inboxes.

Secondary inboxes are the ‘real’ inboxes, like your email inbox or the message screen on your phone that text messages appear in. Often, a received message (phone call, physical mail, whatever) will require classification and / or action.

When something arrives in a secondary inbox, I apply the “How much is this going to distract me” rule (which isn’t as snappy a name as the ‘two minute rule’ but works better for me).

My primary inboxes are Evernote and Todoist. I use Evernote as my trusted library, and Todoist as my task management tool.

My Evernote Inbox Processing

I send a lot of stuff into my Evernote library. I have at least six different ways of capturing information into Evernote. Each time I send something to Evernote, it lands in the notebook called ‘Inbox’ (I’ve renamed the default Evernote notebook to Inbox).

Then, when I have a few spare minutes, I simply tag the new notes as much as possible, and move them into my ‘Journal’ notebook. I have more detail on this process in the post about how I organise my Evernote.


My Todoist Inbox Processing

I use Todoist as my task management tool. Anything that is not reference material (so, anything that doesn’t end up in Evernote) is an action.

Todoist lets you add tasks in several different ways. I tend to either directly create a task by invoking Todoist via a hot-key combination, or by emailing a task from my email inbox into Todoist.

Once the new task is in the Todoist Inbox, I modify the task title if needed, add a note if that makes sense, assign a due date and then drag it into the relevant project. I do this regularly throughout the day, as I’m working my way through my task list.

In the image below, I have three tasks in my Inbox, all of which came from my email.

todoist inbox with 3 emails waiting for action

I then edit the task so that I know what they are about, add a due date and then simply drag them into the relevant project.

todoist inbox with 3 edited email actions

Questions / Comments?

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