Why I use Evernote as my Trusted Library

Part of my GTD setup is the concept of the Trusted Library.

This is a place where I can store information that I may or may not need in the future. It is somewhere that I can rely on without thinking. In other words, I need to be completely comfortable that all information that I store in my library is retrievable.

evernote screenshot

What is Evernote?

Evernote is an online (‘cloud’ based) service that promotes itself as being the one place that you can collect, create, present and share your (computer) based work. It sounds wonderful, but my experience is that some parts of it are better than others. I use it to store and find notes. A note could be a simple text entry or a more complex document with voice annotations and photographs. Essentially, anything digital can be stored in your Evernote account for later use.

How Does it Work?

Being cloud based, all of my data is stored on servers somewhere else, accessible via the Internet, from any device. So if I save a document on my Mac, it’s then available on my iPhone and my Andriod tablet. This is incredibly powerful – instead of having my library stored in some static, dusty filing cabinet, I have everything I need with me, anywhere. I can even log into my Evernote account via a web browser, which means that I am never without my reference material.

It makes a big difference to my headspace. I don’t need to worry about remembering to take particular documents with me, for example.  The information I need is in my Evernote account.

overview of how evernote works

Why Evernote?

I started using Evernote in 2008, when the world was a different place! The iPhone was only a year or so old, and Android hadn’t been developed yet. At the time, it was quite a unique application.

Since then, there have been quite a few competitors, from Google Keep to Springpad and hundreds of others.

I’m sticking with Evernote for now because:

  • The company is BIG. Over 100 million users, and growing. The last time I saw anything about their financial performance they were already profitable
  • Evernote has a REST API that allows integration with other services.
  • Their cross platform support is very good
  • I have nearly 8000 notes that would need to be migrated..

Questions / Comments?

Feel free to contact Damian.